Our Story

Sylvie founded NOMAD INSIDE in a call to contribute to a better world. Her passion for colors, for the work and authentic savoir faire of incredible craftpeople around the world combined with her facination for aesthetic and beauty anywhere they nestle,  prompted her to imagine her own jewelry designs in order to raise money for charities. NOMAD INSIDE was created in 2008 and is today an online Fine, Conscious & Ethical Jewelry Brand. 

 Sylvie believes that conscious & ethical jewelry has the power to enrich our lives with beauty as well as with meaning when enabling a contribution to the community. 

She has travelled extensively from China to India, from Hong Kong to Paris,  from Cashemire to Jordan. It heightened her fascination for the world diversity and richness, and at the same time her sense of vulnerability towards poverty and inequalities.  

Firmly grounded in her own french taste and style, inspired by the world, Sylvie creates conscious & ethical jewelry. Her creations, modern life’s accessories that we never leave ,are so fine that we could forget about them if they weren’tmeaningful. Mostly made in India and Asia, the brand presents its perfect craftsmanship, exclusively handmade jewelry made of 18 Karat Gold or 925 sterling silver

You & Us

NOMAD INSIDE  proudly contributes proceeds to NGO's involved in Education and Women Empowerment.
What you wear and how you wear it,will bring out your beauty and magic: Make it Meaningful !